Mexican organ grinders


Street organs were first made ​​in Germany but were imported to Mexico for several Italian manufacturers in 1884. The first trading house that put on sale these instruments in the country was the A. Wagner & Levien Sues. Street organs quickly became part of national folklore and popular culture in Mexico.
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Due to our experience and commited work, we have had the opportunity to participate in the operation and logistics of great events.

World Water Forum Mexico 2006
LPGA Mexico Tour. Women's First World Golf, 2006
Visit of former California's Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Several government's take ups, State of Mexico
Various Presidential outings of Mr. Vicente Fox Quezada and Mr. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa.
Expo Pack Mexico, from 2001 to the latest edition on june 2013
Teleton, Mexico 2007
Miss Universe, Mexico City 2007
International AIDS Conference, Mexico City 2008
Australian Embassy. Official visit tour to the Trading and Infrastructure ministers, 2010 y 2011
G20-12. G20 summit, Mexico City, 2012. Assigned to the Japanesse Embassy
Transportation service to Ray Cooper and Elton John´s staff, march 2012.









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